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Veronica's Journal

"I'll put the hookers in Times Square to shame.."

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Veronica Loughran (from Clerks)


August 11th, 2006

January 19th, 1994

Okay, so Sylvan talked me into one of these internet journals. They're so weird - who really puts their entire life into words for the world to see? I don't really plan on using it to rant and rave about my life problems. Just to keep in touch with my old friends at Seton Hall or use it for Lit 101 assignments.

Maybe if I gush enough about Dante here, Sylvan will get off my back about writing in this thing. She's pretty sick of hearing me talk about him. I love him, but I really do wish he'd get out of that dumpy convenience store and go back to school.

Actually, I heard about a seminar about getting back into school after a lapse in enrollment. I wonder if I can talk Dante into it...

Oh well, just I'll mention it to him tomorrow - it'll be his day off.
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